By Juliacks and Kathleen Amshoff
adapted from the comic by Juliacks

World Premiere at Culture Project’s Women Center Stage Festival

The Living Theatre, March 2012

An ongoing project with comics artist Juliacks, Swell is an immersive, site-specific performance exploring the idiosyncratic journey of loss. Emmeline Grouse lives in a small town in Vermont, in a house overlooking a quiet cemetery where she and her sister Lucy would often play. When Lucy unexpectedly dies, the family enters a tailspin of despair, and Emmeline retreats into memory and imagination. In concert with the performance, Juliacks and I offer creative outreach to bereavement and hospice centers in the location where Swell is shown.

For more information, go to swellshow.org

Photos by: Sanna Lehto, featuring Susan Goodwillie & J’nelle Bobb-Semple.