rebuilding appalachian spring

By Kathleen Amshoff and Francis Scully
Adapted from Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring

New Resonance Orchestra
New Orleans Fringe Festival at the Candle Factory, November 2008

This production took place in an old candle factory adjacent to the Industrial Canal– the source of the disastrous flooding in 2005. With three actors, a thirteen-piece orchestra and the artistry of visual collective Soren Vandegaard, we deconstructed the familiar Copland suite to explore the challenges of rebuilding in post-Katrina New Orleans.

“By the end of the piece, a solemn, even reverential hush had fallen on the standing-room-only, sneaker-shod crowd before they burst into applause. Clearly, everyone realized that for all the friendliness and accessibility, art on a very high level had just taken place.”
- Frank Daugherty, Mobile Press-Register, November 20, 2008. Full story here

Directed by Kathleen Amshoff
Conductor: Francis Scully
Scenography: Michelle Carello
Video and Scenic Installation: Soren Vandegaard
Featuring: Ian Hoch, Katherine Keator and Monica Harris

Photos by: Michelle Carello